I'm a writer/director based in Queens, New York City. I originally hail from Pittsburgh, but I left high school early and went to work on a kibbutz in Israel. I got my BA in History and Literature from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. I got my MFA in filmmaking from Columbia University.

I've written, directed, and produced three feature films and have been very fortunate to do everything on my own terms. My films have played at many festivals around the world, including the
International Film Festival of Rotterdam, Edinburgh International FF, Austin FF, San Francisco Independent FF, Stockholm International FF, Amsterdam Fantastic FF, Little Rock FF, Seattle True Independent FF, and the Sao Paolo International Terror Fest.


I've been teaching screenwriting and production at Sarah Lawrence College for the past several years. I also have a vlog about True Crime books called The Inappropriate Grin.


My taste in films veers toward the fringe. I cannot analyze my own work too much, but I will say that I like to fuse high and low culture. I hope my films will make you think, make you feel, and entertain the hell out of you. e.